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New Beginner Square Dance Classes Park Avenue Community Center
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1.) And for the long awaited news concerning our next class dance: Our next class begins Sunday March 18th Class Dance @ 1:30 a. The next dance class will be held at a new location: Oaks North Community Center 12578 Oaks North Drive San Diego, CA. 92128 b. Angels will get in FREE – Yes, that’s right, FREE!!! c. New Student donation is $6.00/dancer d. Due to restrictions, advertising is limited to the Oaks North Community, but Whirlaway members are strongly encouraged to bring a “friend or family member” who wants to learn to square dance.  This means we WILL NOT be distributing flyers outside of the Oaks North Community. e. The caller is Steve Woodard, who many of you know is also             calling for the Ocean Wavers.
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